Eternal light 

I am building an empire  So let me lay you down  Because you are my foundation  The sound of you Is better than any harmony  And these moments we create  Are the art of my world So let me pin you up against my walls   As we paint the blackness of the night with … Continue reading Eternal light 


Ode to her self 

Love her even though her world would not  Love her through the pain  Live through her hurt  Inhale  Exhale  Give her oxygen, life, and poetry  She has been waiting for you  Nourish her  Feed her soul  Teach her that crooked smile  Is the sunrise and the sunset  Golden and warm  Tell her  Never fear the … Continue reading Ode to her self 

What I do when I’m missing from you…

The browned skin shimmers In the dark of the night As I grip you  And you grip me just as tight  Holding on to this magic  as if my whole life I knew you were gone  But when did you leave ?  How are you capable of undoing me  I witness The same questions in … Continue reading What I do when I’m missing from you…