Mental check-up

Hey it has been awhile but I am here and alive slightly. I hope everyone is climbing the mountains they face. It takes patients and resistance. But honestly its beating the shit out of me. I failed my math test today. I keep messing up at work. I have no friends. I'm not sure what … Continue reading Mental check-up


Grow and Glow 

Hi everyone ! Hope all is well in the midst of this crazy and challenging time. I sit here in my home away from homes in Virginia. Visiting my best friend whose stationed here. Funny how powerful human visions are. The moment I moved to away from here when I was younger I always envisioned … Continue reading Grow and Glow¬†

Tell me the lights won’t change

2017. Change of the year is upon us. I feel it more than ever now. I just finished reading post on ( really great blog). The topic was the new adjustments many signs will be facing as the year comes to a close.  Regardless of what your belief may be you probably have been … Continue reading Tell me the lights won’t change



Just breathe...let the energy of life enter your lungs and release it.  Nothing is really yours. Just hold it and let it go. The Dalai Lama said something that explains loving and liking. When you see a flower and you like it you pluck it but it if you love it you water it, nourish … Continue reading Breathe