It’s sunny inside too

Sunny via Daily Prompt: Sunny Today I sat outside as the sun rays caressed my skin and I silently soaked in its warmth. I felt grateful for this small moment I had to sit with myself and nature. My body craves these pauses in life as if its vital oxygen. Beauty can be created at … Continue reading It’s sunny inside too


Last Letter to you

Dear Tupac, I replay the moment of you walking out the room and it was the closure I needed. Seeing you walk away made me realize how much feelings I still had for you. Seeing your smile. Though it meant nothing to you and you said something along the lines of not to talk to … Continue reading Last Letter to you

Finding me againĀ 

Life has been whirlwind of change. As I sit here I realize I need to reflect and refocus A lot things have occurred in life recently. I really just need to make time today to catch up with myself. I can get caught up in the motions of life. Everyone needs a breather moment so … Continue reading Finding me againĀ 


Tell me the lights won’t change

2017. Change of the year is upon us. I feel it more than ever now. I just finished reading post on ( really great blog). The topic was the new adjustments many signs will be facing as the year comes to a close.  Regardless of what your belief may be you probably have been … Continue reading Tell me the lights won’t change