Chapter 23: Returning to me

Staying strong in who you are regardless of where life takes you


5am balance ✨✨

I've come to a point my life where I am not chasing anyone or anything down unless it involves my goals and success. Even then I'm not going to chase anything because if it belongs to me it will be mine in due time if it already is not in my life. I'm learning to … Continue reading 5am balance ✨✨

Sunday reflection 

Hope all is well with everyone.  Lately I have been feeling off track with myself. I notice my skin is breaking out. I'm feeling down emotionally. I'm not drinking enough water or focusing on the right things. The weather is getting warm and spring has finally arrived. So where is my positive outlook on life … Continue reading Sunday reflection 


That Emotional Unavailability….

It is the Friday of my spring break and I am attempting to understand my emotional unavailability. This is a quest I never actually cared to analyze. I thought it was a remarkable trait of mine to practice non attachment but as I'm getting older, going through this journey of self discovery, and entering new … Continue reading That Emotional Unavailability….


Girls are magic 

Found this quote it's so beautiful to me. Every girl has magic.  🌑you know how there are moonbeam girls? the soft ones with curves and a smile that makes everything feel safe. the ones you could hug all day and be warm forever. the ones who have those eyes that feel like coming home and … Continue reading Girls are magic 


Grow and Glow 

Hi everyone ! Hope all is well in the midst of this crazy and challenging time. I sit here in my home away from homes in Virginia. Visiting my best friend whose stationed here. Funny how powerful human visions are. The moment I moved to away from here when I was younger I always envisioned … Continue reading Grow and Glow