5am balance ✨✨

I've come to a point my life where I am not chasing anyone or anything down unless it involves my goals and success. Even then I'm not going to chase anything because if it belongs to me it will be mine in due time if it already is not in my life. I'm learning to … Continue reading 5am balance ✨✨


Not your daughter 

She said "He's not your father." "Please don't hate me." Then proceeded to show me a another stranger With eyes like mine The ones I searched for  But never found in anyone My mind just paused  There was so much to say  But no words came  Emptiness fell from my lips "Of course I don't hate … Continue reading Not your daughter 

Hearts don’t lie 

Its not what you said it's how you said it, you say I love you when you know you regret it.  - Arlissa, singer/songwriter  Here we are thousands of moments from when it all began. A million heart breaks later. Nothing has gotten gone in our favor. The battles have been won but the war … Continue reading Hearts don’t lie 



Just breathe...let the energy of life enter your lungs and release it.  Nothing is really yours. Just hold it and let it go. The Dalai Lama said something that explains loving and liking. When you see a flower and you like it you pluck it but it if you love it you water it, nourish … Continue reading Breathe