Laying low to reavalate myself 

I need to really reavalate my life. I started off so strong but I really fell off in a lot of areas such school, family, and especially  relationships. I'm  returning home this weekend I think it's time for me to disconnect from people and refocus. I've made some choices that I am not proud of. … Continue reading Laying low to reavalate myself 


5am balance ✨✨

I've come to a point my life where I am not chasing anyone or anything down unless it involves my goals and success. Even then I'm not going to chase anything because if it belongs to me it will be mine in due time if it already is not in my life. I'm learning to … Continue reading 5am balance ✨✨

Sunday reflection 

Hope all is well with everyone.  Lately I have been feeling off track with myself. I notice my skin is breaking out. I'm feeling down emotionally. I'm not drinking enough water or focusing on the right things. The weather is getting warm and spring has finally arrived. So where is my positive outlook on life … Continue reading Sunday reflection 


The world we live in 

I just been thinking of the intricate systems in place that influence us to create this society we live in.  A society that is unrealistic but it's what we chase after. We are the creators of our society or the atmosphere of the socially accepted things of this world. We create unrealistic standards of living … Continue reading The world we live in 


That Emotional Unavailability….

It is the Friday of my spring break and I am attempting to understand my emotional unavailability. This is a quest I never actually cared to analyze. I thought it was a remarkable trait of mine to practice non attachment but as I'm getting older, going through this journey of self discovery, and entering new … Continue reading That Emotional Unavailability….


Am I all that I say I am

Loud in the lungs. Quiet in my mind. But my heart still questions; Am I all that I pretend to be? Do I measure up to the amount of lies I use to make adjustments and additions to myself? Or am I just subtracting away the true essence of me? It's like I have a … Continue reading Am I all that I say I am


Last Letter to you

Dear Tupac, I replay the moment of you walking out the room and it was the closure I needed. Seeing you walk away made me realize how much feelings I still had for you. Seeing your smile. Though it meant nothing to you and you said something along the lines of not to talk to … Continue reading Last Letter to you