Garden Hoes

You took her fragrance in As her flowers blossomed Her petals were parted As you left her brokenhearted How dare you come and lie in Eve's Garden   You said let's go our separate ways As if that already hadn't been the case As if you didn't pave the way With your good intentions I … Continue reading Garden Hoes


Eternal light 

I am building an empire  So let me lay you down  Because you are my foundation  The sound of you Is better than any harmony  And these moments we create  Are the art of my world So let me pin you up against my walls   As we paint the blackness of the night with … Continue reading Eternal light 

Intellectual Sex 

Let the lights fall low  As our souls become aglow  And we fall into each other's presence  Don't just open for anyone's sight  To share the pools knowledge of my mind   But with your head  My resistance is weak  See I know it's the secret parts that you seek  Deep in my channels  Where … Continue reading Intellectual Sex 


Love poems to me 

Apologized to myself for the hurtful words I let cross my mind  I am of God's design I deserve to be built up  To reach further than my potential  With that self love is essiential.



Sucidal Tidal What if we were on this trip  Our bodies are the capsules The spaceships Than we are just the energy  Entities of the universe The magic was found in the curse  Such as stars exploding  Dying in our very eyes  The brighter you shine  In the aftermath we only leave darkness  So I'm … Continue reading Woman 


My Muse 

My sun rises in my sky  With every breath you take  As the warmth of your smile  Covers my life in moments of happiness  No it's not all perfect  For we must grow So the rain will fall I'm just in awe of the beauty of it all As a flower reaches for its source … Continue reading My Muse 


Girls are magic 

Found this quote it's so beautiful to me. Every girl has magic.  🌑you know how there are moonbeam girls? the soft ones with curves and a smile that makes everything feel safe. the ones you could hug all day and be warm forever. the ones who have those eyes that feel like coming home and … Continue reading Girls are magic