Chapter 23: Returning to me

Staying strong in who you are regardless of where life takes you


Mental check-up

Hey it has been awhile but I am here and alive slightly. I hope everyone is climbing the mountains they face. It takes patients and resistance. But honestly its beating the shit out of me. I failed my math test today. I keep messing up at work. I have no friends. I'm not sure what … Continue reading Mental check-up

Garden Hoes

You took her fragrance in As her flowers blossomed Her petals were parted As you left her brokenhearted How dare you come and lie in Eve's Garden   You said let's go our separate ways As if that already hadn't been the case As if you didn't pave the way With your good intentions I … Continue reading Garden Hoes


The world we live in 

I just been thinking of the intricate systems in place that influence us to create this society we live in.  A society that is unrealistic but it's what we chase after. We are the creators of our society or the atmosphere of the socially accepted things of this world. We create unrealistic standards of living … Continue reading The world we live in 


Am I all that I say I am

Loud in the lungs. Quiet in my mind. But my heart still questions; Am I all that I pretend to be? Do I measure up to the amount of lies I use to make adjustments and additions to myself? Or am I just subtracting away the true essence of me? It's like I have a … Continue reading Am I all that I say I am


Last Letter to you

Dear Tupac, I replay the moment of you walking out the room and it was the closure I needed. Seeing you walk away made me realize how much feelings I still had for you. Seeing your smile. Though it meant nothing to you and you said something along the lines of not to talk to … Continue reading Last Letter to you



Sucidal Tidal What if we were on this trip  Our bodies are the capsules The spaceships Than we are just the energy  Entities of the universe The magic was found in the curse  Such as stars exploding  Dying in our very eyes  The brighter you shine  In the aftermath we only leave darkness  So I'm … Continue reading Woman