Garden Hoes

poem pic
You took her fragrance in
As her flowers blossomed
Her petals were parted
As you left her brokenhearted
How dare you come and lie in Eve’s Garden
You said let’s go our separate ways
As if that already hadn’t been the case
As if you didn’t pave the way
With your good intentions
I guess now you want your space
But the thing is we were never even close
I just choose to ignore the truth about you
Now that I finally opened my eyes
Your truth ain’t all that pretty
Completely average
Definitely not the baddest
But I still blessed you
With my presence
Gifted you with my time
In return you fed me lies
And fed off my energy
My pureness
Naturally everything comes to light
So when you got the chance to step into mine
I realized everything that glitters doesn’t always shine
Even though you did try
You’ll never mimic what I do in real life
To think I actually gave this a chance
Your corny ass should have been curved
Because you received all that you didn’t deserve
I pray the universe sends what you do
Times three
And you know She fucks with me
So no I’m not mad you didn’t stay with me
Remember I’m not the one who is losing
Just will never let a hoe find its way to my garden again

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