Eternal light 

I am building an empire

 So let me lay you down
 Because you are my foundation 

The sound of you

Is better than any harmony 

And these moments we create 

Are the art of my world

So let me pin you up against my walls  

As we paint the blackness of the night with euphoria 

Till sun is spilling its golden 

rays over your beautiful face 

When the hour comes that we both have to start our days 

I feel the constant ache 

My heart misses you even in just the thought of you being away

Because that’s when hours feel like days & days feel like weeks 

So when you whispered you were leaving me

 I stayed asleep 

To continue this dream 

So if I wake and never get to have this again 

Thank you for spreading your magic 

Leaving me breathless 

Allowing me to grow 

And loving me despite the fight I put in your way 

You are a beautiful soul shining eternally through this world. 

I’m so blessed to be in your light girl. 




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