Intellectual Sex 

Let the lights fall low 

As our souls become aglow 

And we fall into each other’s presence 

Don’t just open for anyone’s sight 

To share the pools knowledge of my mind  

But with your head 

My resistance is weak 

See I know it’s the secret parts that you seek 

Deep in my channels 

Where no one has ventured 

You brave enough to explore 

My inner world 

I want you to submerge into my love 

As I sink myself deeper into your realm 

Your my dream that has become my reality 

You’ve woken me 

In more than a million ways 

As I ride that wave to our peak

Leaving us speechless 

In these pure moments 

No words could compete 

When our love meets 

Though our bodies speak 

Only we comprehend 

So the message is clear when I hit send 

I will love you in every fall 

Winter spring & summer 

And each rise & set 

Of the sun 

See I hold tight on to the times of laughter we share 

As if the rest of world is not there 

Because you the gold of my world 

Shining throughout my life 

In you I discover balance 

In you I find challenge

In you I see a future  

It was the moment I witnessed your

heavenly aura  

Touch me in ways 

I know will never be found with anyone else 

That sweet honey love 

You’ve quenched my need 

Want and dreams 

I feel the new life forming within me

Impregnating my mind 

With your seeds of your energy 

Penetrating through all doubts of mine



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