5am balance ✨✨

I’ve come to a point my life where I am not chasing anyone or anything down unless it involves my goals and success. Even then I’m not going to chase anything because if it belongs to me it will be mine in due time if it already is not in my life. I’m learning to just be my own best friend rather than running to be everybody else. I think that’s what my purpose has been in college. It was not to find a million new friends it was to find the one true friend in myself. Learning to love Taylor for who she is. Because I’ve been constantly disappointed or felt I disappointed others I’m really just like forget it I don’t need them I got me. If that’s all I have I’m good. I rather surround myself with my own happiness than the stress of that disappointment with others. God is here with me and always has been. That is a best friend. He is always had my back giving me strength to get through the hardest parts of my life. Not everyone is supposed to be a permanent piece so I won’t disrupt my own peace to have them around. Each person can come in teach you or vice versa then their times up. I’m no longer forcing anything or anyone to be somewhere I am going to just live and mind my own business. At the end and beginning of everyday everything is everything. After winter must come spring. I am constantly evolving shedding layers to become higher in my mental state. That requires letting go sometimes. No it’s not that great of feeling to see just a empty space when it used to always hold someone there that made you smile. I just have to understand nothing is under control nothing belongs to anyone. I’m going to learn to accept this not in one day but through time. I am not perfect nor longer will I keep expecting myself to be someone’s perfect person. I am not living for them. I’m not living to please others. I need to start watching out for my own because I been doing for others in a way I haven’t done for myself. I learned I need to honor myself. Be proud of me. I love me and that’s all the love I need. Anything else should only add to it keep it growing. Peace love happiness. Find your balance find your key. 

On that note I am thankful for everyone who is or is no longer in my life. I am blessed to be able to have the opportunity to have experienced them. Regardless of how the situation went I am very thankful. I pray for every soul I encounter. I pray God’s will light will surround you.  His love will enfold you. His power will protect you. His presence will watch over where ever you are in life. I hope everyone will find their love in inside them. 

So I don’t know how well this going to go but I am going to try to share artist up here that I enjoy and promotes ideals of self growth. Anyways here’s Sabrina Claudio Confidently Lost. 


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